Cross Over

“Cross Over was founded to help ensure the safety of all athletes and enable the game of football to maintain its time-honored traditions.”


Football has always been something very near and dear to long-time friends Kim Baker and Jerry Janson. Kim, president of MSW Productions, and Jerry, a former Ohio Buckeyes football coach, grew up playing the sport and have developed many friendships from collegiate football and the NFL, with both retired and current players, owners, administrators, and athletic directors.

“I have been involved with and covered sports through the media, most specifically football, since 1984,” Baker said.  “I currently own MSW Productions, a sports television  production company that emphasizes family and the positive attributes of people involved in professional and collegiate sports.”

After seeing two of their close friends experience concussions that cut short their impressive NFL careers, Kim Baker and Jerry Janson knew they wanted to do something to help solve this issue and protect the bodies and minds of all athletes.

“When we first began looking into this situation, we talked to a number of our friends who played football in college and in the NFL,” Baker said. “Nearly every single one of them said they would never let their children play football because of the significant potential for damage to the brain and body.

Cross Over was founded in 2015, with these concerns in mind, to tackle the concussion epidemic by pioneering the development of revolutionary impact reduction systems for football helmets and designing cutting-edge performance testing methodologies. Cross Over aims to push the boundaries of accepted equipment performance standards and help to bring about a new era of safety within all sports.

“This product we’re currently developing is going to benefit society as a whole,” said Baker, “because, while we’re putting our focus on football helmets right now, there are so many other sports that could benefit from this.”

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