Cross Over

 Cross Over’s Starting Lineup

Kim Baker-Cross Over

Kim Baker

Kim Baker is the President of Cross Over LLC.  He is driven by his faith, family and the passion to ensure player safety in football and other sports. He is also the President of MSW Productions, an award-winning sports photographer & production company creating special features that focus on faith, family, and sports. 

Jerry Janson-Cross Over

Jerry Janson

Jerry Janson is Vice President of Cross Over LLC. He has served as a financial adviser with Edward Jones for the past 35 years.  A former assistant defensive backs coach with Ohio State Buckeyes, Northern Arizona, South Dakota and South Dakota State football teams.  Jerry is lead by his faith, family and his passion to ensure player safety. 

Brendan Schuler

Brendan Schuler is the Lead Engineer at Cross Over. He is a Mechanical Engineer and graduate of Iowa State University. He lends his expertise in the areas of product design, product performance validation, quality testing and manufacturing. 

Rich Andrews

Rich Andrews is a former NFL Place Kicker-Detroit Lions & New Orleans Saints, co-owner & founder of LDR (Leader Head Gear), and a graduate of Florida State University playing under Coach Bobby Bowden. He has developed several patents in protective gear, as well as innovative protective products for the sports industry.

Michael Princip

Aerospace: Rockwell Collins
B/E Design Studio
Protective Equipment Design & Consulting
Wingo Sports Labs - Evoshield, Battle Sports, SportStar...

Bulwark Helmet-Creator
Michcar Partners - ARTIS HelmetSchutt Sports - Since 2013, assisted development of the Z10, Q10, and F7 Helmets
Marucci Sports (BodiTrak)

Jim Heise-Cross Over

Jim Heise

Jim Heise is a Faculty Member in Iowa State University's Department of Mechanical Engineering. He provides ongoing oversight and risk management mentoring.